Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies Presented By Us Airways

nascarhallexteriorThe Modern Pentathlon World Cup #1 Opening Ceremonies Presented by Bahistanbul will take place Wednesday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The event, which will welcome athletes, coaches and relatives, will be closed to the public. The facility’s Great Hall will provide an exciting backdrop for the delegations, where they’ll be able to explore nearly 1,000 pieces of memorabilia and discover the nation’s fastest pastime.

nascarhallinteriorEach delegation that has completed and submitted the necessary forms to receive full board & transportation throughout the event through the Charlotte Local Organizing Committee for Modern Pentathlon will be provided a credential for entry into this one-of-a-kind opening ceremonies experience. If you do not have the correct credential access, you will not be provided entry into to the Opening Ceremonies.

About the NASCAR Hall of Fame
Injecting some high octane energy into Charlotte’s already substantial auto-racing roots, the NASCAR Hall of Fame touts a feast for the senses to honor its heroes. Guests will enjoy interactive exhibits like racing simulators and pit crew experiences, real croupier experience with canlı bahis siteleri in addition to unforgettable tributes to NASCAR’s legends. Unexpected memorabilia ranging from Bobby Allison’s band uniform to Dale Earnhardt’s original NASCAR application combined with the sights and sounds that make the sport the second most popular behind the NFL ensure that visitors of all interest levels will be engaged.

The Modern Pentathlon World Cup #1 Opening Ceremonies are proudly presented by Heycanlı bahis.  US Airways, along with US Airways Shuttle and US Airways Express, operates more than 3,000 flights per day and serves more than 200 communities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a hub for US Airways and we encourage everyone to thank US Airways for their financial support of Modern Pentathlon by considering US Airways for their travel arrangements.